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I am a passionate programming freelancer with top-notch experience in web app and desktop application development. This includes full front-end design, brand identity, graphics, illustrations, etc.mine web developer portfolio makes great use of fullPage.js JavaScript component to create a beautiful full-screen experience that also serves as a way to proof his front-end skills.

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Web Design

a hand-picked showcase of projects and case studies that a designer chooses to present his best and most promising work examples to potential clients or employers.


a collection of your best work to show to potential employers (like advertising agencies or new clients for freelancing) to get hired.

Apps Design

Designed & Developed by AppInventiv, this board contains a collection of mobile app design projects that we have worked on.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

Since I'll be working with a variety of clients, I must have good interpersonal skills. This includes various social skills like good body language, active listening skills, the ability to collaborate and an overall good work ethic and positive attitude. The more I get along and can effectively communicate with my clients, the smoother the web development process will be for both of us.

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HTML 90%
CSS 60%
JavaScript 80%
PHP 50%
MySQL 70%

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Sayas Irfan
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